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Have a child and you want to check his or her intelligence? You can do that here! IQ Tests for Kids has been in business and online since 2003. In that span of time, we have administered over 50,000 intelligence tests for children. We offer five separate intelligence for children in the following age groups.

5 IQ Tests for Kids and 1 Adult Intelligence Test

  • Toddler Intelligence Test Age 3
  • IQ Test for Kids Ages 4-6
  • IQ Test for Kids Ages 7-9
  • IQ Test for Kids Ages 10-15
  • Premium IQ Test for Kids Ages 6-16
  • Adult Intelligence Test
  • Gifted Children Benefit from Intelligence Testing

    Why is checking your child's intelligence so important? It's important because you can place him in programs to help facilitate learning and keep him engaged in stimulating social and learning environments that will not bore him. Gifted children thrive in stimulating environments and are less likely to become bored as they would when placed in a class or social setting with less than challenging schoolwork. Moreover, gifted children are routinely ridiculed and feel isolated in classroom settings with peers of lesser intelligence.

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    Discovering that you have a gifted child at an early age can only help you to help your child sooner. Many gifted children become problematic as a result of school bullying and are less likely to thrive in normal classroom settings because of constant teasing from school bullies who often label them as Nerds and Geeks. A classic example of this can be found in the movie Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon portrays a highly gifted young man who pursues a career in manual labor, and does so, in order to fit in with his peers. His character is also displayed maladaptive behavior which is probably a result of being stuck in a classroom setting that was not conducive to his intellectual abilities. And so to avoid bullying in school, he rarely displayed his true intellectual abilities in order to avoid bullying or just not fitting in with his peers.

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    IQ Tests for Kids has been around since 2003, and we have kept up with the stats that make us great.

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